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  • Par Christian Paul
  • Communiqué de 17/11/2009
  • Music Genre Electronic
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 11,90 €

Product Notes

And so I finally bring to you Pneumatika, an album made in my home studio in Montreal. I spent 3 years picking through songs and figuring it all out. When someone asked Jimi Hendrix where his songs came from, he said " Imagination is the key to my lyrics. The rest is painted with a little science fiction." I've sort of created my own version of the whole story to fit my psychology. It is neither the absolute truth or the Way, it is just the expression and creation of a sovereign being and his connection with his maker. And so I borrow form the Bible; Pneumatika. I borrow from the Urantia Book, Using Salvington as the home planet of Jesus, the sea of glass as his launching pad, the most high decree as his mission mandate. In Blue Blood, I borrow from all the conspiracy theorists who claim this planet is inhabited by an evil force which controls the power structures. I question it. This "Lucifer" presence always comes back in the Bible, Jehovah's witnesses philosophy, Urantia book, Ramtha, Gnostic teachings...Is it true? If not where does all of our hate come from? Have we gone wrong or are we just evolving into higher beings? I believe in all of it, all the myths; centaurs, mermaids, Vishnu, the Bible, the Koran, the Urantia Book, the Seven Rays, astrology, science, consciousness, vibrations, dimensions, Ufos, the reptilians, the north pole entrance, the 18th dimension... "Turn the cheek, Love your brother, Love your ennemies, do unto others..." We know it's the right thing, but we can't seem to just do it. It is a constant battle to apply this spiritual knowledge. I truly believe we are part animal-part God and our duty is to spiritualize ourselves in order to come back to God, from caterpillar to butterfly. The next level in human evolution is a tricky one, one that demands a jump in consciousness. How will we do this? MORE LOVE Just more love!! I also think that we need an intervention from the higher planes to coordinate this transformation of energies. Even though tragedy wakes people up, I worry that even self-annihilation may not be enough. TIME TRAVEL Now, putting all these theories aside to make place for a grandeur one takes time. Simplifying everything is the way to go. Science is there. Quantum physics is becoming used to the idea that reality is a human projection. Husserl's phenomenology was swimming in it. I am convinced that we actually make it all happen as we go. We are acting and playing in our own movie. So in order to travel through time and forget about our troubled cosmology and tragic history burned into the memories of our souls, we must re-enter consciousness as a new being. If we can achieve that, we travel through time and become Gods rendering all the karmic patterns obsolete, resetting the clocks and ignoring the armageddon altogether. Whatever happens after this, we live on. WHY WAS I NAMED Christian Paul? Who knows? Why not make advantage of it and make my own Pneumatika; The apostle Paul wrote; 1 Cor. 12:1,?14:1 and 14:37 Pneumatika is rendered as 'spiritual gifts'... Here are my own spiritual gifts. Here is my own attempt at connecting with the Holy Spirit...


Artiste: Christian Paul
Titre: Pneumatika
Genre: Electronic
Date de sortie: 17/11/2009
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502252910
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