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Classical Guitar Vol. 1

Classical Guitar Vol. 1

  • Par Charles Moore
  • Communiqué de 01/09/2009
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 21,28 €

Product Notes

Mother would listen to me practi cing and would come into the room and tell me how to make the songs come alive so that my playing would be more than just technical; to soft en some of the notes, crescendo to an ending, emphasize some parts, slow the pauses, and more. All of this allowed me to pour my feelings into the songs." Charles practiced for decades but the times were not yet right for him to consider making a living by playing classical guitar. However, he carried the longing for the beauty of those songs while he learned to play other kinds of guitar including bass guitar. He played Rock and Roll, Jazz, Blues, pop and excelled in all of these forms. He also started composing and arranging music. Soon, with the popular standards in his repertoire, he performed with his brother John's band and was getti ng gigs with most of the popular bands in the area. He has performed nati onally and internationally. This year, 2009,he won New Orleans Magazine's top award for Contemporary Jazz Bass. Charles' most ardent supporter, the backbone of his life and music is Susan Bledsoe. With her nurturing kindness and undying devotion to him and his music for over 25 years, she has been and always will be the sweet and gentle "wind beneath his wings." I have always known that my brother Charles has been blessed with a remarkable talent, a genius. Because of his enduring love for classical guitar music, he has the ability to elevate his art to a fluent, healing source for his audience. Those of us who appreciate and love Charles' classical guitar music are thrilled that the brilliant arti st that he is can now be heard and appreciated by everyone.


Titre: Classical Guitar Vol. 1
Date de sortie: 01/09/2009
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 709587080626
Item #: CDBYS80626
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