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Brasil Beat

Brasil Beat

  • Par Bill Beach
  • Communiqué de 06/04/2010
  • Music Genre Latin Pop/Rock
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 19,20 €

Product Notes

BILL BEACH, Piano/Vocals READ REVIEWS and BIO " A beautiful Album" - Lynn Darroch, KMHD Radio Jazzscene Magazine, May 2010 Reviews by George Fendel Brasil Beat, Bill Beach, piano, vocals, composer, lyricist. Okay, it's one thing to sing nice Brazilian tunes. Many fine American singers have done so ever since the '60s bossa nova craze. But it's a totally different ballgame when Portland, Oregon's Bill Beach writes Portuguese lyrics to his own well-constructed melodies. What's more, Bill sings in a very subtle, unblemished and sincere manner. And, of course, he's accompanying himself on the piano. Do you have any idea just what a challenge this must have been for one whose native language is a zillion miles distant from Portuguese? Well, Beach pulls it all off with great taste. Joined by fellow Portlanders Dave Captein, Reinhardt Melz and, on selected tunes, Gary Hobbs, Beach has crafted tunes that are imaginative, fresh and quite captivating. As if all this wasn't amazing enough, the English translations to his lyrics are, for the most part, literate and sometimes quite touching. For quite a few years now, Beach has been one of our city's consistent treasures in it's jazz piano cadre. With this album, we hear just where his Brazilian muse has taken him. Very highly recommended. Axial Records, 2010, 52:49. Jazzscene Magazine, May 2010 Reviews by Kyle O'Brien Brasil Beat, Bill Beach. Veteran Portland pianist Beach has always done his own thing, and that's a good thing. His versatility and his originality have led him to a long recording and performing career, and it continues with this ambitious and ultimately pleasing project -- all original tunes with Brazilian beats, written and sung in Portuguese by the pianist. Beach's rhythmic nature comes alive in these tropical tunes, and his supple voice fits well with the fluid Portuguese delivery. Beach made every attempt to get the language correct, even consulting Brazilian tutors for pronunciation. Not that he sounds like a native, but for a Northwester to sing lyrics he wrote in a foreign language, this is impressive. And the music soothes like a Bahia breeze. These aren't just bossas; Beach utilizes the many musical forms of South America, including Spanish and folk music. While this isn't Beach's first venture into Brazilian music, it is his most complete, and his visits to Brazil have certainly paid off. With Dave Captein, Reinhardt Melz, and Gary Hobbs, Beach has assembled a fine band to complete his Brazilian vision. 2010, Axial Records, 52:20. "Bill Beach's pianistic technique is striking, inventive and musically effective. His solos emerge in a crisp lyricism that is engaged, resonant and consistently brilliant." -Rebecca Webb, KINK radio "a wistful, classic Brazilian sound" "beautifully articulated Portuguese" "Legato lines flow effortlessly, and lush chord voicings never obscure his clean touch and rhythmic dexterity. Beach's strength as an ensemble player comes through in the tight, interactive trio sound." -Lynn Darroch, The Oregonian.


Artiste: Bill Beach
Titre: Brasil Beat
Genre: Latin Pop/Rock
Date de sortie: 06/04/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 845121019506
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