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Dark Hum of the Butterfly

Dark Hum of the Butterfly

  • Par Audio Lava
  • Communiqué de 04/05/2010
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 17,33 €

Product Notes

Audio-lava has created a lush sound blending live drums with programmed drum loops, keyboard samples, lava like guitarscapes and the powerful yet delicately emotive vocals of Lisa Butel. All four members of the band sing, creating a rich vocal and electronic sound. Their music can be described as moody, groovy, jazz influenced, and experimental. Audio-lava has performed at many venues such as the Railway Club in Vancouver and various festivals including Seattle's Bumbershoot, Regina Folk Festival, Connect (Electronic + Tribal Music Fest), New Music West, the Vancouver International Dance Fest, Sista'hood, Deep Cove Daze and Commercial Drive Car Free Fest. Audio-lava performed "Oh Canada" at the opening ceremonies of a Saskatchewan Roughrider's game. Their songs have received over 40,000 plays on CBC's Radio 3 and they were picked as one of the top 20 bands for 2004 and DNTO's band of the week. They have received a major FACTOR c.d. loan and had distribution with Festival Records for an earlier release. They were recently awarded a FACTOR Demo grant to help with completion of "dark hum of the butterfly" released in spring of 2010. Their song Leaf from their "Embers and Icicles" c.d. has been included on CBC Radio 3's New Music Canada compilation Vol.1 and the Fabulous Gay Tunes compilation Vol.3 titled Lick. In 2005 audio-lava scored their first full-length feature film, Apartment 3, starring Ian Tracey. For live shows they perform as a four- piece band with sampled sounds or as a duo with backing sampled beats. The band includes Brent Cross (guitar, ableton live sampler, vocals), Lisa Butel (on vocals and Roland sound module), Jenny Beech (on drums and background vocals) and Lorri Dar (bass and vocals). The Band: Brent Cross has studied electronic music at VCC and is the primary songwriter. Brent records & produces audio-lava's music as well as other artist's music at his studio, Lavaland, in Vancouver. Lisa Butel has studied classical voice and has spent recent years exploring and experimenting in vocal improv groups and writing for the band. Lisa is inspired by modern dance, the human voice, improvisation/new music and humans themselves. Jenny Beech joined the band in 2003 on drums and background vocals. She has a music diploma from VCC and plays with The British Columbia Regiment Irish Pipes & Drums band and a dance fire troupe that performed at Burning Man. Co-founder and co-writer and drummer for the band NO MONA. Lorri Dar joined in 2004 and plays her funky bass lines and sings. Proud owner of Kokopelli Salon & Body Lounge. Co-founder and co-writer and bassist of NO MONA. REVIEWS: TOM HARRISON from THE PROVINCE "Lisa b. sets the tone of "embers and icicles", which is Morcheeba-influenced trance pop...She and partner Brent Cross create a warm, seductive musical tapestry....". SHAWN CONNER from THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT (December 5, 2002) - "I get it. Embers and Icicles = hot and cold. The hot part of the equation would be the smoldering vocals of Lisa b., while the cold is provided by the sci-fi keyboards and chilled-out beats of audio-lava.....Butel's jazz-inflected singing blends smoothly with her bandmate's cinematic synths, trumpet, and occasional Morcheeba-like spaghetti Western guitar". GERRY KROCHAK from the LEADER POST Regina "The debut full-length album is at once cool and warm, moody and jazzy, trippy and groovy, ambient and soothing, trance-inducing and oh, yes, very sexy...Univeral musical themes, notwithstanding, the sultry and emotive vocals of Butel are what set audio-lava apart".


Artiste: Audio Lava
Titre: Dark Hum of the Butterfly
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Date de sortie: 04/05/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 875531005523
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