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Journey with Gina

Journey with Gina

  • Par Ask for a Sign
  • Communiqué de 02/02/2010
  • Music Genre Spoken
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 14,30 €

Product Notes

There is a healing nature to the frequent practice of relaxation. I started doing relaxation exercises with individuals in 1983 and found out I had a voice that was very soothing and I wanted to formally record my voice. At first I took a small tape recorder & made tapes for the people I was working in therapy with so they had my voice and the images to use at home and this worked well. Eventually everyone moved over to CD's. Then in 2007 I started doing relaxation in a group setting at a treatment center & expanding on using imagery. I got a lot of encouragement to make a CD of what I was doing in groups as kind of 'Dr. Gina to go'. Then in 2008 I asked Robert Finan of 'ANB Recordings' who I had previously worked with writing & recording to help me out. For this CD we combined the remixed music from our album 'Arise' with my soothing voice. I'd say it is the best of both! We suggest you listen to one or more tracks daily for at least two weeks. If you do this to the best of your ability you will notice less tension. That does not mean stop after two weeks. It means it takes as little as two weeks, but I have had people tell me it took less time! There are people tonight all over the world listening to Gina to relax way the tensions of the day or to get to sleep tonight. One word of caution. I am being told that some people can listen to this CD in the car while driving and they find it relaxing and that it does not put them to sleep...but others tell me to please warn you not to listen in the car! Some nice things people have said: 'The combination of her voice and her music is amazing. You must hear her' Steve A. 'The best relaxation CD's I have ever heard' 'I go to sleep listening to Gina every night' Bob L. 'I drive truck and PLEASE warn people not to listen & drive. Pull over!' OC.


Artiste: Ask for a Sign
Titre: Journey with Gina
Genre: Spoken
Date de sortie: 02/02/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502384659
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