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Chakra Music

Chakra Music

(Duplicated CD)
  • Par Anemona Brainwave
  • Communiqué de 15/02/2010
  • Music Genre New Age
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 40,72 €

Product Notes

Anemona Brainwave: «CHAKRA MUSIC» 7 CD SET SPECIALLY PROGRAMMED BRAINWAVE CDs FOR 7 MAIN CHAKRAS Anemona Chakra Music CDs are attuned to the sounds of the planets of our Solar System. While listening to these CDs chakra frequencies harmonize with frequencies of the sounds, thus regaining their original and optimal vibrations. Each CD is specially programmed for one of the 7 main chakras, works systematically and very efficiently on their awakening, opening and balancing. The music increases the quality of a particular chakra, and also transforms psychophysical blockages, thus breaking the blocks of energy/consciousness and purifying the chakra exposed to the sounds. This process is activated within the first 30 minutes of listening to manifest itself at some time in different ways (anxiety, fears, frequent mood changes, or a number of pleasant sensations like feelings of joy, relief, development of inner strength, etc.). Because of it's strong effects Anemona Chakra Music 8-CD set is recommended to advanced practitioners, especially therapists, who we suggest to pay attention to the following instructions: Listening to a particular CD should be limited to a maximum of 3 days, followed by a 3 to 7 day break, and after that can be continued if necessary. You can start with listening to the first chakra CD, and after the break continue with the second one etc., or work systematically on a single chakra for some time. The best effect is obtained by listening to the CDs just before sleep, for not longer than 60 minutes. Uncontrolled listening to the CDs can cause more intense purification processes and unpleasant side effects. It is therefore recommended to follow these instructions and use the CDs reasonably. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED to listen to different CDs during the 3 day period or to listen to only one CD continually without a break. In case you listen to the CDs just before sleep, it's possible the dreams be more intense. Such deep and vivid dreams accompanied by strong emotions indicate the healing process at subconscious levels. BRAINWAVE TECHNOLOGY is a new spiritual technology of working with the sound which is being recognized by a growing circle of users. This technology stimulates our brain activity to operate in certain frequencies which are difficult to achieve in every day life. ANEMONA CDs are first officially published brainwave CDs in Croatia that have been well accepted by numerous listeners for their effectiveness. Their publisher is the Association for Improvement and Development of Quality of Life - INDIGO WORLD, the author is Daniel Postruzin from Zagreb, Croatia. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING Anemona Brainwave CDs: Stereo headphones are required during use to achieve full effects. In the beginning it is necessary to slowly increase the listening time period. Maximum recommended daily use is 60 minutes. Loudness can be adjusted freely according to individual sensation. WARNING! Even though brainwave sound technology has brought countless wellbeing to people around the world, the common sense still tells us to consult a physician before using the CDs. The acoustic effect can be especially too strong for persons suffering from epilepsy, mental patients, cardiac patients, pregnant woman, and people consuming drugs or heavy medications. Using these CDs is also not recommended while driving as well as in situations that require intense concentration. Because of these mentioned reasons, use the Anemona CDs only at your own responsibility. If unpleasant sensations (e.g. nausea, headaches) appear while listening the CDs over a longer time period, these are probably negative effects, overusing, or hypersensitivity to this kind of music. In these cases discontinue using the CDs.


Artiste: Anemona Brainwave
Titre: Chakra Music
Genre: New Age
Attributs: Duplicated CD
Date de sortie: 15/02/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502373721
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