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Angels' Cry

Angels' Cry

  • Par Amazin'
  • Communiqué de 11/05/2010
  • Music Genre Christian
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 16,92 €

Product Notes

ABOUT ANGELS'CRY. Just as everyone else says, I'm not left out as I've also been writing poems and composing songs from childhood. I'd always expressed my emotions, passions and feelings through my writings and compositions. But the change came when I met Christ in 1998, the spot light was now focused on God, I then started spending my time writing and composing on inspiration from Christ. I had a wake up call in 2008, after the digital age dawned upon me, and I started compiling my writings in electronic format for future publication. I mean Ipods, PCs and Laptops etc... Unfortunately, in May 2008, my house was burgled, and my laptop and phones which had a lot of my unpublished articles were stolen and never recovered. It then became evident to me, that if I had published those articles, I would not have lost them for ever, "well in the format they were". It is now 2 years since the sad event of burglary. But what the enemy had planned for destruction, the lord has turned it for my own lifting. The album title track "ANGELS' CRY, like most of the other tracks, was not just written, but was received in a trance. In this vision, I went into the atmosphere. As I was carried by a light wind in the serenity of the night, I passed the beautiful stars, the moon and the dark clouds, into a place where all I could see was pitch darkness. Strange feelings overwhelmed me, yet I felt the comforting presence of The Holy Spirit. Finally I was brought to a realm of light.... I could only see the rays and it's brilliance. And as I gazed into this presence, I heard gentle sound of a flowing stream and the voice of a multitude of voices singing, Holy is the King... Worthy is the lamb. I bent down with my face looking downwards because I could not look at the light in it's fullness. I suddenly realized that the beautiful presence I just felt was beginning to fade away.....then I woke up. With this experience, shivers went through me as I picked up my pen and a writing pad, trembling narrated my experience of glory and pure worship. This experience compelled me to put together other compositions and writings into the Album, ANGELS'CRY. As our youngest son Paul Jr.. laid in his "Moses Basket", we worked through the night, my husband and I spending most of July and August 09', composing, compiling, assembling, and arranging what was originally 17 tracks of the album. In October 2009, we met shortly after to agree a schedule for the album project. We finally agreed with our producers to have a Worship Medley which includes 4 of the original 17 tracks and a Reggae Medley, which includes 2 separate tracks. Immediately after that meeting producer, we set out plans to assemble the crew producers offered to play the instruments and provide professional back up vocals. I considered that option, but preferred to work with young, inexperienced but talented ones, Mona (11years), Chantelle (14 years), Natasha (14 years), Gemma (11 years), Adaeze (12year), etc. I'm glad to say that this project has inspired the young ones to aspire to be like other great gospel singers like Cece Winans, Yolanda Adams Mary Mary etc. SO LOOK OUT FOR THEM!!!!!!! This great commission wouldn't have been materialized if not for the mercies and enablement of the great I AM. THANK YOU LORD!


Artiste: Amazin'
Titre: Angels' Cry
Genre: Christian
Date de sortie: 11/05/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 5065001901003
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